EatSleepDad is back online!

The last time I logged into my site was back in October.  

Between completing school, work, kids and my weekly staycations…I just didn’t have much time for a lot of other things, or at least, I didn’t want to overwork myself too much.

After all, whats living in a tropical paradise if it’s all work and no play, right?

I took a break.  An 8-month break from my online presence, and to be honest, it felt pretty damn good.

I was able to focus on home life and get the most out of our weekends, which here in the HI, we like to call, our “staycations”…Auuuuurite!

Back at it

Yes!  EatSleepDad is back in full effect, we’ve been doing a lot since I’ve been offline, and I can’t wait to share a few things about our experiences here in Hawaii, places we’ve been, food we’ve eaten.  Damn it’s going to be good!

The crappy thing is, while I was gone, my hosting expired, and along with it, all the photos from my past posts…so much for the “site backup” option.

BTW, 5 points to the person who tells me where the photo above was taken.

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