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6 Reasons why Hawaii is where you need to be

A few weeks ago, I sat on the beach watching my kids splash around in the waves.  I thought about how grateful I am to live in such a place where many consider paradise, where every weekend is like a vacation.

As if there weren’t already tons of lists about Hawaii on the internet, I’ve just created the latest and greatest one.

Here’s a little list I’ve put together of 6 quick reasons why I think Hawaii is a great place to live (or visit), especially if you’ve got a family:

1.  The Beaches.

Look at the photo above.

That’s a shot I took of Waikiki beach, right outside Moana Surfrider hotel.

Amazing, eh?

Waikiki itself is the downtown area of Honolulu and a huge tourist spot.  I normally stay clear of large crowds, so I don’t frequent this area too much, but the wife was out that way with her friends on this particular day, she called me up to bring the kids over, so what the hell…lets go.

Boys at Chinaman's Hat Beach

Just look up any “Top 10, 20, whatever” list of the world’s best beaches and you’re likely to find a Hawaiian beach listed.   From Kailua/Lanikai on my side of the island, up by North Shore/Haleiwa and down to Yokohama beach on the Leeward side, you can find some pretty spectacular beaches just about anywhere.

BTW, that’s “Chinaman’s hat” pictured above (about a 20-30 minute paddleboard trip and good little hike to the top.)


2. The Water.

I would’ve just included this category under beaches, but in all honesty, these crystal blue warm waters deserve a category all their own.

The photo below was taken at the Kaneohe Bay Sandbar.  The water was about knee-height right here!

3. The Food.

If you’re a fan of seafood, get ready, because in my opinion, it’s what the island does best!

Even if you’re not, there are plenty of local Hawaiian spots, chain restaurants and other places (Japanese, Korean, Hawaiian, burgers, fine dining, etc) to get your grind on.

If you’re into food trucks, you’ll enjoy Eat The Street Hawaii, a gathering of food trucks at different locations each month.  There’s also a nice shaded food truck spot going toward Haleiwa and across from Sharks Cove.


Best thing is, you’re supporting a local biz!


4. Hiking.

Don’t worry, Hawaii has hikes for all ages and experience levels.

This one pictured above is called Kealia Trail overlooking Dillingham Air Base, where you can small planes and gliders take off, and of course, views of the wide open ocean.

There are tons of family friendly hikes all over Oahu.  On my side of the island, we frequent the Lanikai Pillbox hike (pictured below).

Here’s a good list from Tripadvisor on some great hiking on Oahu.  Take note to stay on family friendly trails.

Trek Safely!

Akaka Falls, Big Island.


5. Island Hopping.

You can fly from Oahu to the neighboring Hawaiian Islands in under an hour.

And many times, under $200 per person.

For reference, I looked up flights a few weeks ago leaving Oahu and landing in Maui on June 8 and returning a week later.

The boys exploring the lava fields in Pahoa, Big Island.


At under $150 per person, it makes for a pretty nice vacation away from your home island.

Of course, prices vary, depending on time of year and location.  We were able to book flights to the Big Island earlier this year for about $120 per person.  It’s completely different from Oahu, and definitely lives up to it’s “Big Island” name!

***Some places are now closed/off limits due to volcanic activity.  We managed to take a little trip out there in May before the destruction happened.  Thoughts to all those affected!


6. “Staycations”.

You don’t have to be a genius to know Hawaii is a huge vacation destination.

Just take a walk down Waikiki…

But it’s nice to know that if you live here, each weekend becomes your own mini-vacation.

Everything happened so fast when we moved to Oahu, we never got a chance to do the whole tourist thing with the kids when we arrived.

A few weeks ago, we dedicated our weekend to just doing silly tourist things, jumped on the Waikiki Trolley and busses, touring most of the island.

There you have it, a quick list of 6 reasons why Hawaii is where YOU need to be.  Of course, this post doesn’t cover all the Hawaiian Islands, just Oahu and a bit of the Big Island for now.

Not one day goes by where I don’t count my blessings that I’m able to wake up and raise a family in such an amazing place.

Got a great suggestion on what should be on the list or anything in particular you’d like to know about Hawaii?  Contact me or comment below!

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