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A lesson to remember

The night was calm and quiet on December 6, 1941. Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines were in port on Pearl Harbor. They had no idea what was about to happen in just a few short hours…

Similar to many American kids growing up these days, mine have everything they need and mostly everything they want.

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8 family goals to make 2019 your best year yet!

New year, new goals! As of writing this, you should be fully transitioned into the new year, knocking out all your goals and resolutions you vowed to keep since day 1, right? Well, for some, it’s harder than it…

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Best camera for family travel?

We’re ready for travel. Plane tickets are purchased.  Hotels are booked.  Next up, Disney tickets and…(cue the horror music) WHAT CAMERA TO BRING!? It’s a tech fiend’s nightmare. Well, it’s my nightmare at least. I recently purchased two cameras, the…

Family Life Lessons

A weekend to remember

It all started an hour before sunrise. We showed up just as people were lining up for their bus to work.  I felt like one of the lucky ones, I had the day off.…

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Start to the weekend

I’m in my 30’s now and don’t feel like partying is really in my veins anymore.  Case in point: I went to a nightclub VIP a few years ago for a bachelor party.  I damn near fell asleep with…

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6 Reasons why you need to visit hawaii

A few weeks ago, I sat on the beach watching my kids splash around in the waves.  I thought about how grateful I am to live in such a place where many consider paradise, where every weekend is like…


EatSleepDad is back online!

The last time I logged into my site was back in October.   Between completing school, work, kids and my weekly staycations…I just didn’t have much time for a lot of other things, or at least, I didn’t want to…