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Best camera for family travel?

We’re ready for travel.

Plane tickets are purchased.  Hotels are booked.  Next up, Disney tickets and…(cue the horror music) WHAT CAMERA TO BRING!?

It’s a tech fiend’s nightmare. Well, it’s my nightmare at least.

I recently purchased two cameras, the Sony a6500 with 30mm and 16mm Sigma lenses and the Fuji XT-3, slapped on the 18-55mm lens I already had on hand.

To be honest, I’ve been watching videos and looking at reviews for way too long on this.  I just need to make up my mind already.

I thought I’d test these two out for a few weeks to see which one I’d keep and make my go-to camera for documenting the family and bringing to our big Japan Christmas trip.

Each one has it’s Pros and Cons:

Sony A6500


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Less buttons to mess with
  • Seems easier to learn
  • Good photo and video quality
  • IBIS
  • Great grip


  • 4k video is good, but most I see on Youtube seem very faded or washed out.  This can be adjusted in settings.
  • Photos not as sharp as Fuji.
  • Takes more time to post-process photos and videos
  • Dated EVF (I get it, the camera is 2 years old already)

Fuji X-T3


  • Compact, but less so than a6500
  • More control over settings
  • Awesome image quality, very little post editing needed
  • Awesome video quality, again, very little post editing needed with picture profiles
  • feels extremely well built
  • Huge EVF


  • No IBIS
  • Setting it to highest 4k video footage was very taxing on my 2016 Macbook Pro, AKA, took long to edit.
  • Camera doesn’t feel great in my hands.
  • On my latest shoot, I was getting a lot of blurry photos with the 18-55mm lens.  Might change with a prime.

I recently took the Fuji X-T3 to Target simply to test out how the camera might handle in a situation similar to the Japan Trip coming up.  Here’s what I came up with:

A few weeks earlier, I took this video with the Sony A6500:

And here’s one with my iPhone 8 plus and a wide angle lens, just for comparison:

As you can see, none do a particularly bad job, but as a father with small kids, I’m looking for the best of all worlds: convenience, size, portability and great footage quality.

Here are some unedited photos taken with each camera:

Fuji X-T3 w/18-55mm lens:

Sony A6500 w/30mm 1.4 Sigma:

And again, for comparison purposes, my iPhone 8 Plus with wide angle lens:

Is it unfair to compare a 30mm prime with an 18-55mm zoom?  Yeah, it is.  But the reality of it is, these are the lenses I’m thinking of bringing with me on the trip.  I don’t have the Sony kit lens, which is garbage anyway, so a 16-70mm on the Sony may do the trick.

What camera would you take on your trip overseas?

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